New AI-Based Navigation Helps Loon’s Balloons Hover in Place

High-flying balloons are bringing broadband connectivity to remote nations and post-disaster zones where cell towers have been knocked out. These “super-pressure” helium-filled polyethylene bags float 65,000 feet up in the stratosphere, above commercial planes, hurricanes, and pretty much anything else. But keeping a fleet of tennis-court-sized, internet-blasting balloons hovering over […]

Geometry Reveals How the World Is Made of Cubes

Plato was right: On average, the world is made out of cubes. [Click and drag the image to rotate; scroll to zoom in and out.] On a mild autumn day in 2016, the Hungarian mathematician Gábor Domokos arrived on the geophysicist Douglas Jerolmack’s doorstep in Philadelphia. Domokos carried with him […]

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